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Mnambithi TVET College saw themselves celebrating with 440 diplomandis and this is actually seven times more than the number of Diplomandii’s we used to have in the past years. Ezakheni A Campus Hall was packed to its capacity with Diplomandii’s and their family members to witness their children in receiving their Diplomas for the year 2018/2019.

The keynote address on the “4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)” was delivered by a fairly young Dr Lindelani Qwabe from Mangosuthu University of Technology where he logically outlined that: The first industrial revolution involved a change from agrarian societies to industrialization as a result of the steam engine and other technological development. The second industrial revolution was driven by electricity and expansion of industries and mass production as well technological advances. The third industrial revolution was the digital revolution such development of computers and IT related industries. Our country is in desperate need of young and qualified artisans who will be drivers of the economy during the 4IR era and beyond. It is unclear which sectors and how these will be affected by this revolution as it gathers momentum. We look to the youth in this regard as a technologically oriented generation to take advantage and exploit this opportunity to the fullest.

Further indicating that he encourages people to be selfless and the only time he encourages them to be very selfish and think of themselves first is when they make a decision on their carriers and spouses. These are the only two things that you will have to live with for the rest of your life and should therefore, be chosen carefully and with utmost selfishness. A career well-chosen regardless of what it is will keep you happy and fulfilled and you will contribute positively to society, your manner of conduct, thinking pattern, speaking etc. should demonstrate that you have an education Dr Qwabe alluded.

Before descending the stage he further express his utmost dismay and disgust at the deterioration of values, utter disrespect and violence perpetrated against women in our society. Our failure as men to protect and love our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, our wives and our grandmothers is probably the biggest sin we are committing against God. I urge every man, young and old to take a step back and search within their hearts if the way they live their lives would leave a positive mark in their society, said Dr Qwabe.

The wonderful words from the young man were taken down with melody from the College choir that rendered very soulful musical items. Many thanks to ABSA Bank; the function was wrapped up in style by surprising Top achieving Students/Graduates by issuing checks ranging from R3 000.00 – R500.00 as sponsored by ABSA Bank. It was indeed a memorable day for the parents, college staff and students. For more information, please contact the Communications Department on 036 631 0360. Back to news room page »