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Mnambithi TVET College Celebrates World Teachers Day by recognising excellence.

It was quite a remarkable day for Mnambithi TVET College lecturers where 73 lecturers received their awards for obtaining 100% passes in their respective subjects with some running home with more than one award under their arms.

It was indeed a rare occasion for the College to host the lectures awards function where critical stakeholders were in attendance. Once again The College wants to send another congratulatory note to all the recipients of the excellence awards. Stakeholders in attendance ranged from Organised Labour, uThukela Region Vice Chairperson, the well renowned and well-travelled guest speaker Dr David Molapo came with a big bang and motivated the College staff members on their big day. Interestingly, he did not only limit his presentation to the recipients of the awards but went to town and motivated the entire audience from Distinguish Guests, Senior Management, Middle Management, as well as lecturers present. Dr Molapo hit the nail on the head by touching things that demoralise staff members in the organisation by giving them strategies and tactics on how to navigate their way around the existing challenges whilst performing their daily duties. The echo of Dr Molapo’s words of wisdom will indeed resonate in the Corridors of Mnambithi TVET College for a very long time. As a cherry on top there was a surprise item where 2 Top Lecturers Mr Mdluli and Mr Msomi received a Tablet each which was donated by Future Managers.

World Teacher Day 2019 Celebration is a day to remember for all that were present. Back to news room page »