Mnambithi College

About Us

Accountability: Council, management and all staff shall always act in a responsible manner and ensure that there are well defined lines of communication.

Transparency:  The College shall strive to balance confidentiality and transparency in all its actions thereby ensuring that all stakeholders are fully informed and kept constantly up to date with the progress made. 

Discipline:  The College is committed to adhere to the behaviour and practices that are universally recognized as acceptable.

Fairness:  The actions of Council and management shall always reflect fairness towards all the Mnambithi TVET College stakeholders. 

Responsiveness:  Mnambithi TVET College will always strive to serve the education and training needs of the community, stakeholders and the industry.

Excellence: Mnambithi TVET College upholds high standards and quality education and training.

Sustainability: Mnambithi TVET College endeavours to provide training that ensures continued value add in industry, surrounding communities and the nation.

Professionalism: Mnambithi TVET College will demonstrate professionalism that will enhance its image and reputation to grow its footprint in business, academia and the surrounding communities.

Integrity: The College subscribes to quality education and training, authentic research and expert topics leadership.