Student Support Services

Student Support Services Promotes

  • Social & Emotional Wellbeing
  • Academic Success
  • Career Development
  • Physical Wellness

Holistic Support

The following services provide holistic support to students:

Health and Wellness Services

Professional and confidential Counselling and Psychological Services are provided for Personal, Social, Family or any other psycho-social related challenges. The Unit provides awareness workshops to students regarding at Risk Behaviour such as negative Peer Pressure, Substance Abuse and Poor Decision Making Skills. Other services include Trauma Debriefing, Crisis Intervention and the promotion of general well-being of students.

Academic Support Services

  • This well-equipped units offer Valuable Academic Support and Training to enable students to succeed.
  • Workshops equip students with vital skills to facilitate Academic and Personal development.
  • These centres assist students with updated Career Guidance.
  • Provide information and advice with regard to Job Readiness and Placement.

Sports Codes

Soccer, Netball, Volley Ball and Basket Ball

Other Extra Mural Activities

Choral Music, Traditional Dance, Poetry and Book Review

Financial Assistance

Information is provided on NSFAS Bursaries.

Student Governance and Leadership

  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Facilitate SRC elections
  • Offer information, guidance and support

We are committed to academic excellence, the development of human potential and the overall well- being of students.

Contact us: Student Support Service Centre – 036 631 0262

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