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There are young dynamic minds in the outer world that would like to pursue their dreams as sales person one day, yet the minimum is not known about the business at large. Mnambithi College comes as a solution with the programmes offered.

Very little is known by the average school leaver about the professional career "selling" although we all use it to varying degrees of our everyday lives. Many people view selling as something to go into if you have not made it academically or do not have definite career to pursue.

In reality it is the salesmen that make the world go around. Almost all companies need salesmen to promote their products and services in the market place. Without salesmen, consumers would not get the benefits of all the fantastic innovations that make life easier and more productive. Many would think that selling is not a profession. Selling has been classified as the highest paid to do that hard work and the lowest paid do the easy work. The exciting thing about all this is that the choice is entirely yours.

Many people believe that there are born salesmen, but no, the title has to be earned. As with other professional careers like marketing, engineering and accountants etc., the hard learning is the norm and only after learning and practising you will be classed as a professional.

Mnambithi College offers great skills and knowledge of young entrepreneurs and those who would like to pursue careers as salesperson. We give the great knowledge of making a business strategies, down falls and understanding the business world. The exciting thing about selling is that the "big money" comes a lot quicker than most other professions.

With the National Certificate Vocational programmes it is easier for students to enter into the corporate world. Selling does not only offer high potential returns from low capital investments; but more importantly it can be a stepping stone to a highly successful and rewarding life in other fields of business.

Your sales aptitude test will soon tell you whether you have sales potential and into which category of sales would best suite you. Only those who think big will live big. The doors are opened at Mnambithi College because without education we are nothing. Back to news room page »