Mnambithi College

Student Support

Mnambithi TVET College provides a professional student support services.  New students may be required to complete a competency assessment on enrolment.  This will assist the college to determine the most suitable learning and support programmes for the prospective student.  Generally, the student support is focused on both academic and the broader social/psychological needs of students.

Counselling services are offered on all campuses, as well as to the community and industry.

  • The following services are available:
    • Counselling & Guidance
    • Career Guidance
    • Life Skills, Health & Wellness Education
    • Academic Development and Support
    • Leadership and Recreational Development
    • This service is offered to students on the following levels:
    • Pre-registration, On-course & Exit level
  • Bookings are essential and all counselling sessions will be kept confidential.