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Diploma Ceremony

Diplomas are awarded annually to students who have completed the theoretical and practical components of their qualifications.  Students are notified by email as well as telephone.  To all Mnambithi TVET College students, please remember to inform the College of any changes in personal contact details. Tokens of appreciation are awarded annually to those students who have achieved the average highest mark in their respective courses offered.  Students are notified by email and telephone. 

Student Tracking

Over and above the fact that the College need to contact the students with relation to the Diploma- and Prize-giving ceremonies, we value our students and want to know if our students were placed in the workplace and how they progressed in industry.  Many of our former students are now CEO’s and influential business men and women and are used as motivational speakers at ceremonies.  Therefore it is important to keep the College informed of your contact details and work status.

Application for National Certificate or Diploma

Students who have completed N6 and have the acquired the relevant work experience should contact the Student Administration Office to complete the necessary documentation to apply for their National Diploma.  The Diploma may only be issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) not by Mnambithi TVET College. Students who have successfully completed their qualifications can obtain a copy of their statement of results/certificates N1 - N6 from the Student Administration Office on campus.  National Certificates are issued by the DHET.  Students must enquire from their respective campus if National Certificates and Diplomas have been received from the DHET.



Refunds will only be considered in the following circumstances (The registration fee is not refundable)

  • Death of the student (Pro-rata repayment)
  • Illness (Confirmed by a medical certificate - Pro-rate payment)
  • Transfer to another educational institution (confirmed by institution - Pro-rata payment)
  • Class/programme is full
  • De-registration of NC(V) student before March
  • Work responsibilities (written confirmation by employer)

Please take note that NC(V) students that have a credit balance in their student account, will only be able to apply for a refund on exiting Level 4.  Refunds will only be paid directly to the parents/guardian/trust.

Engineering Studies N2-N6 refunds will be done end of March; end July; end November.
Business Student N4-N6 refunds will be done end of May; end November.

Students who qualify for a refund should complete the necessary documentation at the student administration office. 

Refunds will only be paid when all the necessary documentation has been submitted

  • The correct version of the “Request to Edit Coltech” form from the SHERQ Management System has been completed and signed
  • Registration form if the student has been deleted / de-registered on the Coltech Student System
  • Copy of student ID
  • Proof of payment if not registered on Coltech yet, i.e. deposit slip or bank transfer
  • Proof of banking details of refund beneficiary, i.e. person responsible for the student’s class fees

If the student has been in class, the following additional documentation must be attached:

  • Copy of the permanent class register for all the subjects that the student attended
  • An original doctor’s note / copy of death certificate in case of death

Full repayment of fees will only be considered in the following circumstances (the registration fee is also refunded when applicable)

  • After adjustment of marks by the General Director Examinations
  • Subject / programme no longer offered and fees were already paid
  • Subject clashes due to changes in the class timetable and fees were already paid

Refunds will not be issued when

  • All the required documents are not attached
  • The student decides not to continue with the course and does not provide a written concern to the faculty head or campus manager before the submission to the Department of Higher Education
  • The student receives a bursary and still need to continue with the studies the following semester, trimester or year
  • Student fees were paid by the company or study trust
  • NC(V) books are not returned
  • Obsolete “Request to Edit Coltech” form is used, or not completed correctly, or not signed

Cancellation of programmes must be done in writing, within one week of the commencement of classes as indicated on the year planner.  Failing to do this, students will be liable for the full cost of the tuition fees.  Textbooks, protective clothing and equipment of NC(V) students are not returnable and refundable.

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