Inclusive Education and Special Needs

What we offer

  • Assistance with identifying students with barriers to learning
  • Applications for SNE bursaries
  • Concession applications for the required support during tests and examinations
  • Liaising with academic staff in developing supportive lesson plans
  • Referral to specialists


How / where do I access this service?

Student Support Services Department at the respective campuses


Who qualifies to obtain this support?

All students who have indicated that they have barriers to learning.

Documents needed to access this service

  • SNE survey (completed with all new enrolments during orientation)
  • DHET Application form for Concession(s)

Connect with us

77 Murchison Street, Ladysmith, 3370

  • dummy+27 36 631 0360

  • dummy+2736 631 4146

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